The idea of archery shooting range

Everyone of us was dreaming about becoming a knight or shooting a bow like a Robin Hood in childhood, didn't we?

So it's time to make your dreams come true! The Kiyv archery range «Archer» invites you to take archery lessons and have a lot of fun.

Archery is not new, but is very special kind of entertainment.

Even your very first visit to archery range will bring you bright and unforgetable experience. The «Archer» archery range will provide a lot of possibilities to have joy and fun for children and adult shooters. You can feel yourself a true hunter or a brave knight... Anyway, we can guarantee you an interesting timespending or a very special date for a couples.

Never tried to hold a bow in your hands?

Don't worry about that. We will show you how to shoot and will tell you a better places to buy, care, repair and tune your own bow. We have the best instructors who can teach you to all archery techniques and able to test your personal bow you already bought.