Strenghtening muscles

Everyone dreaming about good physical fit. Everybody wants to have raised arms, shapely legs and nice sixpack. Regular archery will help you to make your body perfect. So, let's see how it works.

Drawing a bow is going with work of abdominal, tergal and hand muscles. So, pumped triceps and nice posture are guaranteed for a seasoned archer. Most of them notes that muscles stays resilient even after a two years gap in trainings. Moreover, a gastrocnemius, buttock and thigh muscles will also be strenghtened. Regular shooting will greatly improve your breast because of huge weight taking.

Archer makes a force of 45-50 lbs to draw a bow. Medieval archer maked a force of over 200 lbs to draw his bow. Now just imagine your body after a regular visiting of our archery club. Believe us, continuous bow draving will make its job, and your muscles will gain fine raised form. Yore posture will be excellent, and your musclar system will shine. Archery is the best way to make your body strong and make organism healthy.


Mental training

«Life is like archery - patient man makes less mistakes» - Confucius said. Doing archery regularry makes you more patient, resolute and self-assembled. Succesful archer must be sober, aware and calm. Must notice that archery helps to concentrate and make you disciplined and patient. If you feel a lack of those abilities - bow will be helpful.

Mental training of archer consists of making a world wiev, sense of purpose, moral and ideological personal settings. Archery helps to improve memory, thinking and perception. Experienced archers are discribed as confident in their strenght, have absolute will and reacts adecquately to any cases. That possibilities are important in common situations.


Interesting hobby

Onse you will visit our archery range, you will love archery forever. You will be addicted by your new hobby, and anytime you could feel yourself a true knight. Everytime you will learn lots of new and interesting stuff, you will sharpen your skills and have a lot of fun. Maybe exactly you will make a new record with the most longest shot? Or will take part in Olympic competitions? Or maybe exactly you will join a British Royal Guard Scotch Archers brigade?

Don't waste your time in front of your TV or PC, go take your rest with profit to your mental and physical health. Visit our archery range as frequent as possible, and you will see a lot of things to try and to do in your life! Enjoy every moment, gain a useful experience, feel yourself healthy!