Archery, with the provision of equipment (bows and arrows) for one person:
300 UAH - 1 visit
700 UAH - 4 visits
900 UAH - 8 visits

Archery, without the provision of equipment (bows and arrows) for one person:
150 UAH - 1 visit
500 UAH - 4 visits
700 UAH - 8 visits

Block bow:
300 UAH - 1 visit
800 UAH - 4 visits
1000 UAH - 8 visits

1 visit - 60 minutes

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Стрельба из лука

Archery is a noble kind of timespending. From the very first ages of knighthood this sort of entertainment became a favourite between medieval chivalry. The archery art became popular on every continent and was implemented after time even to the Olympic Games program.
Novadays archery is one of the most popular sport activities. It became an elite kind of recreation in some countries despite to its probable danger. If you want to jump in modern sport activity trends and wish to learn archery - we will gladly help you.
So, to became a true archer, you will need only a great will, a little of afforts and some time. For succesfull trainings you will also need a comfortable clothers, indoor shoes and, of course, a positive mood.
How will it go? In start of a lesson our instructor will tell you a safety rules and shooting excercise conditions. After that you will have an unique possibility to practice in archery under control of seasoned instructors who can help you with wisdom advice. All their experience will be at your disposal.
After you satisfy your passion of shooting by the common will of visitors we can perform a mini-competition. It will really boil your bloor, you will feel real adrenaline rush. You will do your best to be a winner. You will shoot to achieve victory. And, despite to your score, we guarantee you a lots of fun and joy! And, of course, every winner will got its prize!
Shoot exactly to the target, win, get your prize and tons of exciting feelings. Visit us with your friends and family, learn to shoot and win. You only live once! Don't spare your time and money for a really interesting and active rest. Weve got a very affordable prices.