Outbound shooting

Got tired of common gifts? Holidays and celebrations became boring? Make your freinds, family and associates surprised - buck our departable archery range! The «Archer» range provides to every man a possibility to feel yourself a hunter, knight or a Robin Hood, and every woman can feel herself a great amazon.
We can perform a true archery competition on open air or even in your office. We promise your associates will be impressed and will remember this uncommon corporate party forever. Departable archery range is equipped with everything you need for shooting a bow. Also we provide you a seasoned instructors who can teach to hit the target even the most shy and timid ones. Taking to attention a safety rules, we will bring you unforgettable feelings of celebration and passion.
Looking for something special to present your kids for a birthday? Order a departable archery range for a kid feast and you will see how interested and enthusiastic your kids can be. Believe us, a rapture and tons of positive feelings will fill every child. Kids will play indians, will hunt and will do competitions. Archery is a good alternative for PC games. Kids will spend their time at open air doing a physical activity.
Departable archery range will be a true feature of any celebration. Noone will be bored and a feast will be spectacular! Every guest will be involved in archery, will get unforgettable experience of shooting a bow. And of course, someone will be a winner on archery competition! Bring joy to your friends - order a departable archery range and have fun!