Your sweetheart loves extreme or its hard to impress your beloved one? Don't worry about that no more, we have a solution. We offer you to visit our archery range. We have a special proposal for couples to do archery together.

This uncommon and a little dangerous will impress any man despite of age or status. Archery will be interesting either for succesfull businesman or for a shy teacher. Any girl will be admired with shooting a bow. She could feel herself a riot amazon or a brave knights mate.

One hour of shooting for a couple with our special offer «Cupid arrows for a couple» with full access to all required stuff and care of personal instructor will cost only 700 hryvnas. Visiting archery range in couple will allow you to get a new special hobby as well as to perform an accuracy competition between you.

We wish you to spend your time well, and let your love win in every competition!

Стрелы амура для двоих

Are you friends for ages or tried together a lot of things? Archery is the thing you sure didnt ever tried! Archery is an activity for a real guys and nasty girls. Archery range will be a true test for your crowd. There can be only one winner on range! Its time to find out who is the best shooter of you all. No need to panic, our instructors will help you to handle bow and arrows easily.

Troubles at job and staff going mad? Friends are busy and cant support you right now? Take away your stress with your associates on archery range. Rememeber that equilibrium is important for a good archer.

We already got bows, arrows and seasoned instructors. So only things we need from you - is to take with you friends, good mood, comforlable clothers and indoor shoes.

We really respect friendship, so we got a very special offer for a good friends: for a group up to 4 people price will be only a 1200 hryvnas/hour.
Приведи друзей

For any celebration you can present your friends or associates a sertificate for one, three or five visits to archery range! Also you can make an uncommon gift to your friends for example to their wedding anniversary and present them a archery training course for couple! Just a little time after your friends will hit only a bullseye easily. Be original, do a special gifts, and people will appreciate you a lot.

Подарочный сертификат